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And she scouts locations ahead of time to make sure the

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It likely varies by state, bc it’s the state department of banking that you send the unclaimed funds to. It also depends on how diligent the bank or financial institution is about escheating funds. Financial institutions get audited by the state department of banking annually if not more frequently, so there’s no way to avoid it.

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These foreign taxes cannot be avoided at any cost. New investment judgments take transfer of new capital from the parent to the subsidiary into consideration. These do not originate from the host country and still have not sustained any foreign taxes.

In regards to why people voted Leave, honestly in a strange way watching the C4 show «Skint Britain» gave an interesting insight into some of the horrible conditions people are living in in this country. A lot of people have been treated like shit for years, and with austerity and more crackdowns on benefits it only getting worse. If I put myself in their shoes, I would vote Leave, and I wouldn care if it made things worse for the majority because for a lot of people it hard to see how things could get worse, and they want to stick two fingers up to the people that have trodden all over them for so long.

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