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Incoming students choose to enrol in the Arts

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canada goose clearance Your University Experience Starts HereQueen’s University is the only university in Canada where students can study abroad for their entire first year. Centred on the themes ‘Thinking Locally’ and ‘Acting Globally’, the BISC First Year Program is a package specifically designed to build on the Castle’s strengths: our small class sizes, vibrant canada goose outlet calgary community, experiential learning opportunities and international setting.Incoming students choose to enrol in the Arts, Science, or Concurrent Education (Con Ed) streams. But whatever program you choose to study at the BISC, small classes and active learning guided by subject specialists will nurture your knowledge and offer a strong academic foundation to support your further studies.Your first year is packed with constant opportunities in and out of classes, including regular Experiential Learning Opportunities and two multi day mid term trips canada goose clearance.

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