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More than 50 countries have since recognized him as leader

7a replica bags wholesale The joint resolution, although allowing the president to wage war, required also that the president obtain congressional approval within 60 days. This requirement has been flouted famously by Bill Clinton in Kosovo. Congress disapproved, yet they did nothing!. 7a replica bags wholesale

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3 points submitted 20 hours agoI don know how important an extra day is, probably quite important if you only have 24 hours to physically prepare, but even so the advantage shouldn be relative to the scoreline. Like guys did well in the 1st leg, you can afford a disadvantage If we turn up leggy and unprepared Dortmund will steam roll us. As I say, might not be too important here but ideally it would be more fair, it shouldn be qualified by the 1st leg scoreline.J Hobber 12 points submitted 5 days agoI saw it as its really all interpretation to that point with the fake mugshots and the «this business» remarks.

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high https://www.bagsreplicc.com quality designer replica Venezuela: 40 days of crisisOpposition chief Juan Guaido stunned the world on January 23 when he declared himself acting president of Venezuela, plunging the crisis hit country into new turmoil. More than 50 countries have since recognized him as leader while others continue to back President Nicolas Maduro. The grandma was posing on the ice chunk on the shore for a picture that her son captured, and she not alone. high quality designer replica

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